Sunday, 23 October 2011

The Death of our Beloved Fish

Our fish is currently at this very moment dying a slow death. This is truly terrible as she has been sick for the last couple of days and our big vicious algae eater has sensed this weakness and is actually eating her alive as I type. My kids are horrified, I'm horrified, I'm sure the other fish in the tank is horrified but we have searched high and low and cannot find our fish net anywhere in this silly house. Now I would like to claim that I am some sort of wonderwoman supermom but in reality I'm a basket case when it comes to these things, definitely a little green in the face, so my brave, darling, animal loving, McKayla is using an old plastic tub to scoop 'Orangey' out and provide her  with a more fitting death via the good ol' porcelain sink (aka 'the toilet'). I still have not yet ascertained what plans she has for our nasty, cannibalistic, scum sucking algae eater named 'Tiger'.
Good Fish
Bad Fish