Saturday, 28 April 2012

Reviving the Blog

I love facebook. Anyone else out there love facebook?? I've always got something to say, something I want to share or some comment that needs expressing. However, I've slowly come to the realization that everyone probably does not want to hear every minute detail of my life, my cooking, my homeschool, my children in honour of that I've decided to revive this old blog. That not only provides me with an outlet in which I can share most every old thought, detail, idea rattling around in my brain but it will also ensure that I don't unwittingly torture anyone who doesn't want to be exposed to my kind of crazyness. So, I guess if you are here and reading this then I will take it as a complement and continue on with posting about the silly, fun, adventurous things that myself and my family do.

So in anticipation of Josh's eight days off starting in ohhh about two hours, and our very first attempt at a 'staycation' the girls and I have vacuumed, cleaned every bathroom in the house, are almost done every last piece of laundry and are making out our list of things we would like to do and accomplish while he is home with us. Our one 'big' (expensive) outing is going to be going to the Ontario Science Centre on Thursday with my parents and both of my brothers. As a child my parents took us to the Science Centre once a year almost every year and it is one of those places that I absolutely love visiting.

Also planning on doing a little cooking, baking, crafting and we are also in the process of planning a 'volunteer activity' not quite sure what this is going to look like yet but the SickKids hospital and Ronald McDonald House have been placed heavily on our hearts since my friend Brenda's little guy, Gaven, has been diagnosed with cancer. You can check him out here:

So if you have any fabulous ideas for this 'staycation' or any words of wisdom, please let us know! We want this week to be fun, successful and most of all a great time together as a family.