Thursday, 8 September 2011

Back to School

So it's back to school again here in the Wall house. If you didn't already know, we are one of those 'weird' homeschooling families...okay so I don't really think we're 'weird' but for a lot of people homeschooling is a little out of the ordinary. On Monday Josh and I managed to clean up and reorganize the schoolroom/basement and get everything pretty much in order for the week.

School area - still have to empty the basket of books

Our first couple days getting back to the grindstone have been surprisingly fantastic. The two older girls have been working really hard and have been quite enthusiastic about getting back into a routine. Em, has proven to be a little bit of a challenge (no real surprise there) since she is very interested in doing exactly what the other girls are doing. However, we have come up with some fun ideas to keep her entertained and busy while we work on our core subjects. 

This salt sensory box has been a real lifesaver. Em has loved to mix and pour and generally make a gigantic mess all over the floor! We used coarse salt to fill it which has made it really easy to vacuum up at the end of the day.


  1. Cool! Love the blog. Good title...had me wondering for a sec.
    I love the colour of your schoolroom! Gary just repainted one of the bedrooms in our house the same or a very similar shade...

    All the best as you begin a new year of living, laughing, learning etc...God bless you five walls!!

  2. Thanks Rose! The girls picked the colour for the schoolroom it is 'Jalapeno Green' it really brightens up our room.