Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Day 3 - The Batting Cages

Day three of our vacation is when we really started to notch things up a bit:) After mommy (aka: me) working in the morning we decided to hit the batting cages in the afternoon. Now I truly love baseball. I'm a die hard Jays fan and can't go a season without hitting at least a couple home games. The problem with that arises when I try to translate my love of the game into me actually PLAYING the game!! Josh and I have played co-ed ball for the last couple of years and I've come to the realization that I was not designed to be an athlete, of any sort. I have short legs, no upper body strength, the co-ordination of a three-legged giraffe and the speed of a all in all not so great of a ball player. However, last year in our one day playoff tournament I somehow morphed into this somewhat decent hitter and actually managed to get on base (once or twice). So myself, my darling friend, boss lady and fellow co-ed player, Melanie and I thought that we should hit the batting cages in anticipation for our opening co-ed game. Being that Josh was on vacation and we had decided to do everything possible as a family, him and the kiddies tagged along.

Woohoo all excited for the batting cages!

they definitely don't look as excited:(
did not make contact for at least the first 30 balls

Miss Melanie on the other hand killed it!!
Josh giving tips

showing us how its done

sweatshirt off and getting down to business
now some excitement!

silly faces

watching hard
We ended up hitting balls for an hour and about halfway into it the kids were starting to get bored and antsy so Josh decided to take them mini-putting. Thankfully the course was right there and the kids had a blast!!
my little rockstar:)

Bray concentrating really hard

I love her outfit! My kids always insist on dressing themselves
Over the bridge

Go Bray Go!
Way too much fun was had this day. We came home and rushed to have supper since Josh was heading out to watch some Junior hockey action with his dad and the girls and I were staying home to have a girls night. While Josh and I loved our supper the kids were less than fact there might have been some gagging and crying involved which perhaps might have led to cereal being served. Here it is: The Portobello Mushroom Burger!!!
Super tasty meat replacement.
 Once our delicious, disastrous dinner was over I finally got around to teaching Braelyn how to fingerknit. Anyone else out there addicted to Pinterest?? It really is my new frenemy. It has so many great ideas that I will never get around to doing so I alternately love and loathe it. A couple of weeks ago I became obsessed with finger knitting (after seeing it on Pinterest of course) and knit a partially finished rug in my non-existant spare time...well ok primarily when Josh was working late and I should have been doing laundry. I quickly taught McKayla a couple days after but I knew it would take a little bit more time to show Braelyn since she is two years younger than Mick. In the end it was actually really easy to teach her and I'm glad that all of us (besides poor Em baby) know how. Really looking forward to next winter when I'm hoping we will spend more time doing this. By the way Mick took all the pictures below and I think she did an awesome job!! Even better than mine!!

casting on to the fingers
starting to get the hang of it

now we're getting somewhere!

having fun together|:)

Stay tuned for when we deviate slightly from our regularly scheduled blog post about vacationing to talk about couponing...

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