Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Science Centre

I love going to the Ontario Science Centre!! It brings back childhood memories of going many times over the March break with my family. It is one of those places that really makes learning fun and I love being able to share it now with my children. Love the picture above that I captured at the centre...no idea what it is,  I'm sure my brainiac brother could tell me but I'll just enjoy the beauty of the unknown.

It was also really cool that my parents and both of my brothers were able to come with us and have a blast with the girls. The picture above is just missing Josh and my mom who were busy snapping photos. This tree was ridiculously huge and I stood no chance of reaching the top. The kids were really amazed by it and McKayla attempted to count the rings to see how old it was...we would have been there forever...thankfully we read the plaque and quickly moved on to other interesting things:)

Braelyn and Josh tried on these wings and tried to see how fast they could flap their arms, thus giving them their 'beats per minute' It was actually a lot harder than it looked and it was really cool for Braelyn as we have been studying about birds, feathers and flight these past couple of weeks.

Good old Uncle Joel. He has recently discovered the scientific phenomenon that enables people to be driven by their ears. If a child pulls on his left ear, he goes left, if they pull on his right ear, he goes right, pull up and he stops. Who knew??

Not sure what this was but they looked so darn cute!!

 Josh and Bray spent a lot of time trying to work out this gear mechanism thingy (pretty sure that's the scientific term). I finally got involved and after several attempts we were able to successfully make it work. It was challenging but Braelyn really persevered and it was probably the longest I've seen her work on the same thing without getting discouraged. Going to be looking into doing something like this at home.

No idea what these guys are doing here but decided to snap a photo all the same.

The highlight of trip to the science centre is definitely 'the big silver ball' or in smart talk the Van de Graaf generator. Despite how unimpressed she looks in the photo, McKayla LOVES getting up there and getting her hair to stand on end.

Braelyn and I decided to give it a try too....Bray's hair is thick so it didn't stand up quite as much....my outrageous amount of thin hair on the other hand was a little out of this world. All fun though.

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