Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A Vacay within a Vacation

Josh and I were starting to get a little exhausted with all this vacationing so we decided to take a break and have an overnight visit with my grandmother and grandfather. My Nan (aka grandma) is seriously awesome. Her and my grandpa have been such rocks in my life, such a solid place to land and anytime (since I was a little girl) I feel a little stressed out or overwhelmed with life I just pack up my stuff and take a little mini vacay to their place, regroup and come back feeling re-energized.

But first the girls had piano lessons which they are really enjoying.

Now here is what greeted me when coming to my grandparents:

I knew that they had sold their house (the beloved house of my childhood visits) but it still hit a little hard when I first saw it. My grandparents currently live about a little over an hour away (on a good Mississauga driving day) and they are moving to my lovely home town of Smithville...actually where they are building a house is probably no more than 3 minutes as the crow flies. However, McKayla snapped this photo from the van because I was a little too teary eyed.

My Nan greeted us like this: Did I mention how awesome she is??

What I will miss: 

catching frogs when I was a this is what my kids do

he's a real beauty
silly faces on the deck
my grandparents saved an old bird's nest for the girls

Here's what I will miss most:

the tree my grandparents planted when my great-grandfather passed away

where Josh and I pledged to love each other til death do us part

the bridge where we had our first kiss as husband and wife

My love for this property knows no bounds. I played in the sandbox as a child, dreamed of love as a teenager while carrying in wood from the woodpile and married my highschool sweetheart over the pond I've helped build. I'm not even capable of putting into words how attached I am to it but I know this: It was my grandmother who washed the sand out of my hair when I visited as a child, my grandfather who showed me the value of hard work and both of them together who showed me how a marriage can last for many, many years. Wherever they go, these lessons will surely follow.

I'm hoping we have many more visits before they move later on this year but I wanted to start to capture this lovely acre plot before it passes on for another family to enjoy.


  1. Alia, how beautiful is this post! I am sad for you. Take lots of pictures and hang onto the memories.michelle

    1. Thank-you!! I'm hoping I have the opportunity to do lots more visiting so I can take many more photos:)

  2. Such nice memories! I was vert attached to my grandparent's home too. Like you, we moved around and that place was my rock. I had my pre wedding pictures done there and still drive by it when I am in the area. I am sad when I see other people living there and making changes that I know my grandparents would not approve of. I guess life goes on though and we are building new memories with our girls in Smithville!

    1. Ahh can't even imagine people trying to change anything on that property!! But I know it will probably happen...thankfully I more than likely won't know since its so far out of our way to go past it:) I'm very grateful for the memories I have and cant wait to make new ones at their new place.