Tuesday, 14 June 2011

...and then there were two...

We are down to two beloved chickens. We had to take the other four to the butcher so we would not have a repeat of 'dead chicken in backyard' scenario. All the children did really well with this although I was the one who got a little weepy, quite unexpectedly after Josh had left with them. The remaining chickens starting clucking and carrying on so loudly and in the end I had to put them back in their coop because it was only 7am and I really didn't want my neighbours complaining about our illegal chickens after I had promised up and down that they would never even know they were there! After about an hour they were fine and I could let them back out again but it was definitely a sad moment to think that they missed their sisters.

Also of note, the chickens have really grown and since we let them roam around most of the yard they have mastered jumping up onto the deck where they are able to have a free for all at eating my veggie planters, so I then moved the veggies up onto the patio table. Of course the ladies have now managed to find a way to jump from the patio chairs up to the table where they now freely poop on the table and finished eating all my green bean sprouts. Tomorrow morning will involve scrubbing of said table, chairs, and deck and we will have to work out a system to block off the deck. 

Oh and did I mention that they escaped yesterday??? Since it has finally dried up a bit in my backyard and the flood line has receded along the back fence I can now see that we missed placing a board in the far back corner where the fence doesn't quite meet the ground. The ladies decided that the grass looked greener on the other side and decided to go for a visit to Peter, my neighbour's, backyard. This resulted in McKayla and I chasing them around his backyard (after guiltily creeping in since he wasn't home) and trying to catch them. We succeeded and have since made the necessary adjustments to our ever evolving, changing, and slightly diminishing backyard.

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  1. Oh goodness..I'm so sorry to hear about all that. Amazing things learned. :) I hope you'll have eggs soon.