Thursday, 2 June 2011

More Writings from McKayla

I sent the girls in the backyard the other day to do some of their school work because it was just too gorgeous a day not to. I asked McKayla to write a paragraph about her chickens and she gladly did it (albeit a very small one as she needed to get done to play with them) and then she asked me if I could put it up on the blog for her. She gets such a kick out of seeing her words up on the computer!

My Chickens - by Mckayla Wall

We have seven chickens. They are soooo cute. We have five white chickens and two black and white chickens but they do not live in a chicken coop. The white chickens are so big and they have a red comb. When they walk they strut and they don't cluck loud.

Another addition to our backyard, I introduce to you 'Hopper'
The girls have named three of the chickens that they can tell apart from the other ones. The two little black ones are Buddy and Salty and the biggest white one is Trouble. He is always trying to escape and he seems to be the leader of this group and bosses the other ones around a bit.

Now Josh on the other hand has also named these chickens. His names go something like this: Cajun, BBQ, Fried, get the idea right?


  1. Mikala, you have lovely ideas. And Josh, my hubs agrees with you :)

  2. Totally spelled your name wrong.

  3. Oh Josh! lol. I love your paragraph too McKayla!