Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Our Seed Project

It finally feels as if spring is here. Lots of rain, the weather is slowly starting to get warmer, our chicks are almost ready to come home... and so the girls and I decided we had better get to work and get started on our vegetable garden. We usually order seeds from the catalogue (either Stokes or Dominion Seed House) and have them started indoors well before now but I have slacked off this year and spring has really seemed to sneak up on me. In the end I decided I would just pick up some seed packets from the local hardware store and make do with that for this year.

The girls really love this 'seed project', from planting, watering, sprouting, hardening off, then transplanting, weeding, mulching, etc., etc., etc., ...and finally the best part, picking the veggies, the girls take a real interest in the whole ordeal and don't mind doing a lot of work along the way. The best part for me is that they eat way more vegetables than I could ever get them to eat and they eat veggies that they wouldn't have even looked twice at had they not grown them themselves.  

Here they all are!

McKayla planting tomatoes.

Em helping out.

One tray all planted, complete with hand made signs.

Newspaper seed cells all planted.

Easy to make and we will plant them right into the ground and let the newspaper break down to a natural compost.


  1. Melanie Felvus3 May 2011 at 16:29

    I hope there is lots of lettuce for Josh to throw up in:)

  2. I like the newspaper ideas. How did you make them?
    The hand drawn signs are precious!