Monday, 9 May 2011

So I Built a Retaining Wall

The backyard 10am after Josh had battled with the rototiller

My beautiful, level retaining wall!!

More beautiful retaining wall!

Up close with the retaining wall  
Now if you can't already tell, I am deeply in love with my retaining wall. Mainly because so many people laughed at me whenever I would mention my desire to put said wall in our backyard all by myself. Now I know it is not perfect, it could probably use another layer on the top and I still need to finish the one end, but it was a complete labour of love. A back breaking, sandpaper calloused hands, arm aching labour of love and devotion. I will mention that Josh did help but this was 95% my own project and I will gladly confess my sinful nature to one and all, that I am suffering from the worst case of pride I have ever been witness to.

What makes this project even better was that it cost us NOTHING!!! Josh's Aunt and Uncle were redoing their garden last year and were getting rid of the bricks and we gladly took them off their hands knowing that they would be useful to us in the future.  We were also very blessed in using my Uncle's rototiller rather than renting one, which was our original plan, for $70.00 from the local hardware store. So with a lot of time and energy we were able to do all this work for free, definitely my favourite kind of work out there!

On a completely unrelated note, I made these yesterday and they turned out great and I had to share:


  1. I can't believe it is done! Good for you Alia!

  2. So just out of curiosity did you use an adhesive like no nail or something to keep the bricks secure ?
    your wall looks AMAZING ! I LOVE it ! It's beautiful ! And you totally to have the biggest bubble of pride for your job ! It's amazing and a job very well done !