Thursday, 26 May 2011

Trip to the Firehall

Firefighter Josh (aka Daddy) showing Mick how to spray the hose.

Showing her how to adjust the spray.

Now its Bray's turn!

Emmy too!

Just a little unsure!

Braelyn in the truck.

The girls and I had a special treat the other day when we were able to tag along on a school trip (with the Preschool that I teach at) to the Fire Station where Daddy happens to be a volunteer firefighter. The girls were very excited when we told them that he would actually be one of the firefighters at the firehall that day who would be teaching them all about fire safety and giving them a tour of the new station. They learned lots of great stuff and had a blast sitting in the fire trucks and spraying the hose.
Oh and by the way isn't my hubby smokin' hot  super cute in his uniform?

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